Hello and #ocTEL course


Hello! My name is Nicola and I work in the only FE college on the beautiful island of Guernsey. I am the Programme Manager for Skills Development and Additional Learning Support. My team teach  English, Maths and IT as well as providing individual and small group learning support. My own area of teaching is Maths and I also have a passion for IT but I do not consider myself any sort of expert in Learning Technology. I am on our Learning Techology task force and within this I am beginning to develop our VLE for skills development. We have also recently started using ProMonitor and ProSolution and I am one of the college ‘champions’ supporting other staff to use this very powerful eILP and MIS system.

I have recently enrolled on the ocTEL course and I have started this blog in order to record my progress . The biggest obstacles that I face currently are encouraging staff to use  ProMonitor and developing the VLE on itslearning. We seem to have so many platforms on top of these including share point and other systems for submitting work. The challenge is to understand how we can work with all of these and engage learners and staff in the process.



One response to “Hello and #ocTEL course”

  1. David Jennings says :

    Hi Nicola, Good to hear from you, and well done in setting up a blog and getting it registered on the ocTEL site — we can now keep up with everything you post here because it will show up at http://lwoctel.wordpress.com/2014/04/29/big-and-little-questions/. I hope you enjoy the course!

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