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Reflecting on Strategies for Learning Technology


I have just listened to the webinar for week 1 and was reminded of the central role of pedagogy when incorporating learning technology into designing courses or developing a strategy. In particular I liked the SAMR model for enhancing technology integration. I think from a management point of view the way to encourage staff to use learning technology has to be by demonstrating the ability of technology to transform as well as enhance learning. If it is used purely as a substitute the benefits are not as easily seen.

Strategical, I think it is important that we look at our organisation and allow staff to assess their own digital skills and offer ways of supporting the development of these skills. There is no point introducing new technologies if no one knows how to use them. I think an important part of our strategy should be the sharing of good practice which has already started with a Learning Technology group. I believe that there needs to be a shift from developing skills in our learners outside of the vocational area to embedding these skills. The barriers to this currently are a reluctance to use new technology, the infrastructure not being reliable and money for new technologies being limited.

In FE the use of technology can be a fantastic tool to engage learners and the Edinburgh Napier model of the 3Es really interested me and I will read more on it when time allows. This is based on the Enhance, Extend, Empower continuum for using technology to effectively support learning.

As part of any strategy, and linking in with part of my management area of Additional Learning Support, we need to look at how assistive technology can increase inclusion and support learners to achieve.

We also need to look a how the development of a VLE can support our learners Maths and English skills outside of the timetabled lessons. In my reading this week I have discovered a course that is soon to be ready for Functional skills Level 2 Maths which is very exciting and may save me a lot of work! This is what is making this MOOC so brilliant. I am making connections and being focussed to find relevant material without getting lost in the digital world!


Other reading this week which needs a lot more dedicated time